Thursday, December 18, 2008

Class: Tumbling for Toddlers

LG graduated from Tumbling for Toddlers on Tuesday. I have to say that though I had my reservations after our first class, this ended up being a pretty awesome experience for her. She learned so much about taking turns and being with other kids. She had the opportunity to run and jump in a much larger environment than I could provide for her at home and she even learned a few gymnastic skills.

Her teacher, Miss Donise (I apologize if I spelled that incorrectly!) was fantastic. She was really sweet with all the children and had some really good tips for the parents.

We did regularly have issues with not wanting to stay at a particular center but LG was fairly easy to redirect. The foam pit opened for the last 3 session of our class and LG was a big fan. When she was 14 months the foam pit was her least favorite thing so I was glad to see her jump right in.

We really did get a lot out of this class and it was a tough call on whether or not we wanted to do it again during the winter session. In the end we decided to do art class instead (Abrakadoodle for Twos) but I am sure that we will sign up for gymnastics again in the summer.

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