Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lacey Woods Park

Lacey Woods Park
1200 N. George Mason Dr.
Arlington, Virginia 22205

  • Bucket Swings (2)
  • Sand box
  • Preschool jungle gym (2 slides, tunnel)
  • School-age jungle gym (covered slide, small double slides, bridge)
  • Climbing structures
  • Basketball hoops (multiple level)
  • Open fields
  • Picnic pavilion
  • Mulch ground covering

  • Shady
  • Combination playground for both preschoolers and school aged children
  • Restrooms
  • Contained sandbox with play sand

  • No parking lot (street parking is available on both sides of the park)
  • Playground drops off into wooded area (there is a defined playground area but children can easily leave the playground area)
  • Street in the park grounds (this street is not a through street but we did see cars on it)

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