Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hayes Park

Hayes Park
1516 N. Lincoln St.
Arlington, Virginia 22201

  • Contained Sandbox with digging tool and play structure
  • Bucket swings (4)
  • Swings (4) - separate structure from bucket swings
  • Preschool jungle gym (large slide, small double slide, small climbing wall, cargo net)
  • Boat structure
  • Spinning seat
  • Bouncy seats (3 attached together)
  • Tunnel
  • Open grass space
  • Paved paths
  • Sprayground (open Memorial Day to Labor Day)
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Court
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic Pavilion

  • Large park with lots of options
  • Large sandbox
  • Partial shade (depends on time of day and area of park - swings are always shaded)
  • Parking lot and street parking available

  • Frequently is very crowded (especially in the summer due to the sprayground)
  • Not many options of for older children (which can cause conflicts with the younger children)

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