Friday, October 3, 2008

Special Event: Firestation Open House

I have to admit that I still think fire trucks are pretty cool. They're big, they light up, and they make a lot of noise; what's not to like?

I know LG thinks firemen (and police officers) are pretty great as well, so I was glad to read that Arlington County is having their Fire Prevention Week Open House on Saturday, 10/11 from 10AM-4PM.

The Fire Department does this each year to promote fire safety and Fire Prevention Week. I've seen that they've had this in the past but have never been. It looks like they have activities for kids as well as tours of the stations and safety presentations. You can head down to your local station on Saturday to check it out.

BTW, it looks like many of the Northern VA counties hold the same open house program, and I'd imagine DC and MD do too.

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Mama said...

BTW, this was really fun. LG was allowed to climb in firetrucks and police cars and even got the chance to spray the fire hose!

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