Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Class: Tykes Yoga


We (LG and Mama) are so in love with this class. I swear I often feel as though it is as if LG created the curriculum herself. It is the perfect speed for her (read: it is fairly quiet and slow). She loves the fact that everyone has their own mat (she is the rare breed of two year old that respects personal space) and that it is a small group of children.

Dare I say that she enjoys this class more than gymnastics? I have to say that I do. The main reason? I don't have to say "no" as in "no don't go over there; no don't touch that." There isn't any equipment to worry about it is just an open room. I find this class to be so relaxing for me because I can just enjoy my time with LG.

The teacher, Kim Blackmon, is wonderful. She just has a way of engaging the children. You can absolutely tell that each child is special to her and what is really important is that the children can tell too. She watches what they do and she builds on it. She incorporates each request (benefit of a small group) and praises each child. In short, Miss Kim respects the children.

I cannot offer enough praise for this class. It is offered at the Virginia Hospital Center and new the early summer session is available for sign up now. If you are not in Arlington, check out the Itsy Bitsy Yoga website to find your local instructor.

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