Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flying a kite at the Iwo Jima Memorial

~A post from Daddy

This past Sunday, LG and I needed an outdoor activity to burn off some of her Easter chocolate energy. Given the sunny and breezy afternoon, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to head down to the USMC War Memorial and Netherlands Carillon to go fly a kite.

We had a great time and got the kite up pretty high when the winds were up. LG had plenty of space to run and got quite a workout. Even if you don't have a kite, it's a neat place to let a little one run free. There are scattered old, big trees and lots of grass with a great view down the hill to the Lincoln and Washington monuments and DC (it's a very popular spot to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July!). There are also a pair of bronze lions by the Carillon that LG really enjoyed "riding".

Parking isn't too much of a problem, you can look for a spot on N Meade St, or find a space down in the circle around the Iwo Jima Memorial. It's also a quick walk from the Rosslyn Metro.

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