Friday, August 1, 2008

Inside Fun: National Building Museum

National Building Museum

Building Zone

A 25 minute metro ride from Arlington but my daughter seems to think that the metro is half the fun so we don't mind. Added bonus is that you only have to walk across the street once you get out of the metro - unless you need a ramp access, then you have to walk around to the other side.

The Building Zone is intended for children ages 2-6 but really it is appropriate for any child who can walk and I know a few 9 year olds who would love it. It is a wide open space with every type of block you can imagine, dress up construction clothes, trucks and cars, bean bags (to load up in the trucks), a book corner, a tool center, and even a small model house. I cannot tell you who had more fun my daughter or me but we played for an hour.

In addition to the building zone, your little one can blow off steam by running laps in the HUGE lobby area. Complete with a large fountain that has benches by it for a quick snack this area is a toddler's delight.

There is a Firehook Bakery on sight and an extensive store where you might find time to snag a cute gift for someone.

COST: Donation of $5.00

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