Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To School

Today marks the first day of school for Arlington and Fairfax County public school children. I have found that even though I do not have school aged children, back to school still affects me.

Let us count the ways.....
  1. Pools and spraygrounds are now closed (at least during the week, but most for season)
  2. The carousel at Clemyjontri Park now only operates on the weekends
  3. Parks near schools suffer from lack of parking during drop off and pick up times
  4. Parks far from schools are now empty most of the day (especially in the mornings when preschool is in session)
  5. The mall is a significantly nicer place now that the preteens and teenagers have somewhere else to be (yes, I was mallrat at this age too, and I am sure there were many mothers who were glad to see me head back to school)
  6. Grocery stores are understaffed (see now I appreciate the teenagers being out of school)
  7. Weekday babysitters are harder to find (again more teenager appreciation)
  8. The zoo, National Building Museum, Smithsonians, and other tourist attractions will be much less crowded until field trips start (usually not until the second month of school)
Now if only it felt like Fall...

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