Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Idea: JW Tumbles

JW Tumbles
Various locations
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We recently attended a neighbor's third birthday celebration at the JW Tumbles in the Lee Harrison Shopping Center. My experience with toddler birthdays outside of homes is limited, but JW Tumbles did seem to do a great job.What made it great?
  • The staff was upbeat and full of energy to match the toddlers.
  • The parents of the birthday girl did not have to do anything except sit back and enjoy (they did provide all the food and beverages).
  • Lots of equipement for various ages.
  • Separate eating area.
  • The staff provided antibaterial gel to children as they left the play area and headed in to eat and then provided wipes for cleaning off cake before re-entering the play space.
  • Bathrooms on site.
What to watch for...
  • Know your child - this is not the birthday for the slow to warm up child (LG took a good 20 minutes to sit in my lap and observe before she would even touch anything)
  • Expense - call your local location to check prices
  • Timing - pick a time of day that works for what you will be serving (the party we attended started at 4:30, which worked well for everyone's nap time, if not their dinner time)
Personally, I don't see myself doing something this elaborate for a 3rd birthday, but I a lot can change in a year.

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