Thursday, August 7, 2008

Arlington County Classes

Arlington County Department of Recreation has released the schedule for Fall Classes. There are many different classes for all ages (starting at birth). All classes are Mommy and Me until the child is 3 at which point it varies. Registration begins on 08/21/08. You can register online, by mail, fax, phone, or in person.

Classes we have previously taken include:

Waterbabies ~
Swimming with the little ones. My husband did this class with my daughter when she was about 10 months old and it was nice time for them to bond together. He actually learned a lot of techniques for playing with her in a swimming pool and getting her comfortable in the water.

Cost: $90 for 11 sessions
Location: Various locations and times available.

Tiny Time ~
Gymnastics and movement class. I signed up to take this class with my daughter when she was 13 months old. We only were able to attend 3 classes due to illness and planned vacations. Those three classes were quite the workout for me! Since the classes meet in the normal gymnastics center at Barcroft, all the equipment is there for your little one to explore (i.e get hurt on). It is hard to keep a 13 month old from wandering off to various locations. The activities were a little advanced but she had fun just playing with the items that were appropriate for her. I think that now she would enjoy it more since she is comfortable walking and likes to balance, climb, and jump. At 13 months just walking around was enough for her.

Cost: $127 for 13 sessions
Location: Barcroft, multiple days/times available

Signing Smart Beginner Play Class ~
Signing was something that I really wanted to do with my daughter. I was dedicated enough to sign to her for 6 months with no signs from her. Now she has about 100 signs and regularly uses them to communicate. The signs help her to clarify her speech or say things that she doesn't have the words for yet. I highly recommend signing with your child.

That said, we didn't learn a lot of the signs from this class. I liked the instructor and I thought that she was wonderful with the kids. She had lots for them to play with and really made age appropriate choices. The materials we had to purchase for the class were good and bad. The video was terrible (there are much better videos available) but the 'manual' for the parents was very helpful. The parent guide had all the information that that class taught, which was very valuable because I could rarely learn anything from the 'lecture' section of the class due to noise and since I was also trying to entertain my daughter. Overall, it was a great place to meet other parents who shared your interest in signing and it was a nice playgroup for my daughter.

Cost: $147 for 10 sessions PLUS a $47 materials fee
Locations: Various locations and times

Classes that we are considering for this fall:
Water Tots
Tumbling for Toddlers

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