Sunday, August 10, 2008

Music: Jammin' Java

Jammin' Java
Weekdays at 10:30am is tot rock. The performer changes with the day. We happen to like Mondays with Miss Belle and Thursdays with Oh Susannah. We have not been to Rocknoceros Wednesdays but I have heard good things (especially if you have school aged children).

The space is large and appealing to walkers and dancers (crawlers will also delight but their parents may not as the floor reminds me of a typical bar floor). The coffee is good for mom or dad and Cheerios and other toddler snacks are available for purchase.

There are also many weekend shows that vary in price. Usually the weekend shows are more appropriate for kids ages 4 and up, but it depends on your child's tolerance for crowds and noise.

COST: $5.00/child (adults are free)

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