Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Eats: Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets
Pentagon City Mall
Shirlington Town Center

A fun atmosphere where you don't mind if you kid's are loud or make a mess. A good burger for Mom and Dad and milkshakes all around. At the Georgetown location the wait staff performs during certain songs and I have seen quite a few birthday celebrations there as well. The Pentagon City location is by far the least festive. The wait staff is fine, but doesn't usually cater to children. Still a decent choice if you are at the mall and need something besides the food court.

I like the Turkey burgers here and there is a veggie option as well. My favorite is a #12 and Dada likes the Original.

Watch out for: kid's menu prices, for some items it is actually less expensive to order off the adult menu. A la carte ordering can be pricey as well. The french fries do not come with meals and can quickly add to your bill.

Overall: An expensive but kid friendly option.

Other options for a good burger: Elevation Burger in Falls Church (perhaps a better option)

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