Friday, August 1, 2008

Kid Friendly Stores!

With the oppressive heat bearing down on us, sometimes you just need a new venue to play in. Some stores offer a quick escape for you and your little one. Cost to go is free if you can resist the urge to purchase something :).

Tree Top Kids
We are lucky enough to live about 5 minutes from a Tree Top Kids store. WE LOVE IT! My daughter will play here for about an hour. There are so many toys out for the kids to explore, which I really appreciate because I don't like having to select a toy without touching it. This allows me to see which toys my daughter really likes - if it can hold her attention in a store full of toys, it ought to do well at home. The stuffed animal selection here is fantastic. Some of the toys that they have out include: push toys, a train table, a play kitchen.

Kinder Haus Toys
Similar to Tree Top Kids, but smaller. It does have a nice area with a train table and another table for the kids to play at. Again, there is a good stuffed animal selection. Kinder Haus also sells ballet shoes and accessories.

Borders Bookstore
- in Bailey's Crossroads
Bookstores are always fun. This Borders happens to have a very large children's section on the first floor. Tons of books, stuffed animals, and other fun things.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore - in Clarendon
Located upstairs, the children's section is a large portion of this bookstore. There is a train table, a stage area, and reading spaces. Perhaps a smaller selection of toddler books than Borders, but still a lot to see. If you are looking for a large selection, try the Tysons Corner location - every board book you can imagine!

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