Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Eats: Elevation Burger

Elevation Burger
442 S. Washington St.
Falls Church, VA

Since I mentioned Elevation Burger in my post about Johnny Rockets, I feel as though I should give the restaurant a proper review.

Currently (as of Aug 2008) there seems to be only one location in Falls Church. However, according to this article more locations can be expected.

It is a casual environment where you order at the counter and seat yourself (highchairs and booster seats available). It is clean and the staff is friendly. Food comes out pretty quickly and we have retrieved it ourselves and also had it brought to us so I am not sure what the SOP is. There are small high top tables and large lower tables but no booths. Given how crowded it is, you might end up sharing a large table with another family.

Dada loves Elevation Burger. He says that they are some of the best burgers in the area. I take his word for it. LG is pretty happy with her burgers from there as well. Mama is happy because they have Veggie Burgers! Two types actually and both are good depending on what you are in the mood for but Mama does prefer turkey burgers. (Hey Elevation Burger, want to add to your menu? Can you PLEASE add a Turkey burger? Thanks!) The milkshakes are fantastic.

Elevation burger has replaced Five Guys for us since Five Guys uses peanut oil (a no-no for LG) and does not have Veggie or Turkey burgers for Mama (they have some sad little thing that they call a Veggie sandwich but I have nicknamed it the toppings sandwich because there is nothing to it but burger toppings).

Thankfully, Elevation Burger now has Sunday hours 11am to 5pm so we can head there for lunch on the weekends.

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Hibben said...

I totally agree, I'm a huge Elevation Burger fan! They even cook their french fries in olive oil and all their meat is organic. It's so nice to go to a burger place and actually know that what you're eating is of good quality and relatively healthy.

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